Autumn Miller || FC: Autumn Miller || Age: 13 || Born: January 3

Autumn was put into ALDC because it was where her family belonged and she took to dancing just like her sister. She was four when she started and she immediately hated that she was in classes with children two years younger because her mom had refused to start her at two. She wanted to impress her mother and her aunt so she worked hard but it was obvious that ballet wasn’t one of her stronger styles even though her aunt drummed it into her. She took to hip hop instead and that came naturally to her, the off beat dancing and the less need for turn out and pointed feet suited the oldest Miller daughter perfectly. 

She progressed to the competition team when she was six and a half and began competing in lyrical though all she wanted to do was hip hop and jazz funk. When she was eight she begged her mom to let her move studios and she’d even done her research, knowing exactly where she needed to be to focus on her strengths. Of course her mother forbid it and Autumn was told she was to stay at ALDC or never dance again. She got angry and quit but it lasted no more than two months before she was begging for her place back because she missed it too much. She was banned from the competition team until her tenth birthday when she finally got to dance in a competition again.

From that moment Autumn caught the bug again and was pulled onto the competition team regularly whenever Abby needed another dancer. She still dreams of going somewhere where she can get the best hip hop and jazz choreography rather than having to dance lyrical and ballet but she knows that it’s useless because it’ll never come true. Autumn is very self assured in her dance ability and because of that she is very argumentative when it comes to her position on the team or in a dance. She feels like when it comes to hip hop and jazz she is the best ALDC has to offer and should be the featured role because of it.

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